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Restaurant Menu


To share: Chef’ special hummus, eggplant dip, olive & zucchini tapenade12 €
Shrimp cocktail, avocado & dry tomato dip, orange flavored creamy sauce16 €
Chicken Caesar salad - small 9€ / large 16€ (chicken breast, anchovies, boiled egg, croutons & parmesan)
Semi-cooked salmon on a fresh herbs mix, fennel salad17 €
Green asparagus, mini-crusty paste with a mousseline sauce14 €
Iced melon soup perfumed with fresh mint & served with diced watermelon13 €


Scallops biscuit in a lemon fish fumet aroma, tomato & basil puree24 €
Tuna fish pave perfumed with lemongrass oil23 €
Prawns risotto on a yellow pepper coulis, zucchini tempura24 €
Lobster served in a « cocotte», carcass fumet34 €
Whole sea bream from Corsica cooked « a la plancha », citrus fruit & olive oil sauce27 €


Beef tartare « au couteau », French fries & sucrine salad22 €
Beef tartare Veal breast slowly cooked on a low temperature base with sage25 €
Poultry supreme stuffed with mozzarella cheese, basil & dry tomatoes19 €
Beef filet « a la plancha » topped with a pan fried duck foie gras, juice perfumed with truffle oil36 €

Side dishes

Steakhouse French fries (not home-made)
Creamy risotto wih artichokes hearts & parmesan cheese
Steamed seasonal vegetables
Ravioles from Dauphiné (IGP label Rouge), tomato & basil
Mashed potatoes with hazelnut oil
Add a garnish5 €


Casarecce served with mediterranean vegetables, mix of coriander & parsley pesto (from our own pasta factory)16 €
Penne pasta served with big shrimps, mussels & clams, creamy garlic & parsley fumet (pasta from our own pasta factory)18 €
Ravioles from Dauphiné (IGP label Rouge), tomato & basil15 €


Faisselle fromage blanc5 €
Plate of matured cheese 8 €
Half a Mère Richard St Marcellin 6 €


Chef specialty: Thin apple pie, salted butter caramel ice cream (Pôle Sud ®) (please order at the beginning of your meal)9 €
Chocolate duo mousse from ValRhona on a hazelnut & strawberry streusel10 €
Cheesecake mousse with a strawberry & rhubarb heart on a shortbread cake9 €
Sour cherry cake, pistachio cream & crusty tile10 €
Waffle served with whipped cream, melted chocolate and apple compote9 €
Coffee or tea with delights8 €
Cœur de thon
Fait maison
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