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Restaurant Menu


Medium salt-roasted salmon in a paprika crust, creamy chervil sauce 17 €
Home-made taramasalata, toast with dill oil 12 €
Mozzarella di buffala, tomatoes and basil 14 €
Tempura gambas tails, rocket salad and a spicy sauce 15 €
Plain duck foie gras, citrus jelly, toasted farmhouse bread 18 €
Salmon Caesar salad - small 9.5€ / large 15€ (smoked salmon, anchovies, croutons and Parmesan)
Chicken Caesar salad - small 9.5€ / large 15€ (cubes of bacon, chicken breast, croutons and Parmesan)


Whole sea bass with fennel seeds à la plancha, olive tapenade and preserved lemon 24 €
Lobster gratin with Beaume de Venise muscat and tarragon 28 €
Pan-fried tuna heart with cebette onion oil 23 €
Croaker steak pan-fried on the skin (certified "Label Rouge) with a Morgon wine stock 21 €
Aniseed-scented scallops 26 €


Sautéed supreme of guinea fowl (certified "Label Rouge"), a honey and tandoori jus 19 €
Rib of veal casserole with a wild herb jus 26 €
Hand-cut beef tartare, cornet of fries and sucrine lettuce heart 22 €
Fillet of Charolais beef à la plancha34 €

Side dishes

Smashed potatoes with truffle oil
Royan ravioli gratin
Dish of seasonal vegetables
Cornet of fries
Girolles risotto with freshly shaved Parmesan


Royan ravioli gratin 15 €
Foie gras festonati 19 €
Penne rigate with gambas, shellfish and tarragon 18 €


Faisselle fromage blanc5 €
Plate of matured cheese 8 €
Half a Mère Richard St Marcellin 6 €


Café ou thé mignardises 9 €
Lyon Plage waffle 10 €
Duo of dark and white chocolate mousse, praline feuillantine and chocolate crisp 9 €
Brittany shortbread topped with lemon mousseline 8 €
Gratinated fruits with a Champagne sabayon 7 €
Cinnamon French toast, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream8 €
Thin apple tart and caramel ice cream with fine sea salt (please order at the beginning of your meal) 10 €
Fait maison
Beignets de crevette
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